Rules clarification – games specific

In this section per game clarifications will be posted as well as the English rules in case these are not provided with the game.


Rules download section






note: PDF files and can be read with Acrobat Reader (free for download).


Playing schedule

  • Registration 10:00 – 10:15
  • Great Western Trail 10:15 – 13:00
  • First Class 13:15 – 14:45
  • Honshu 15:00 – 15:45
  • Lorenzo 16:00 – 18:00
  • Prize Giving Ceremony 18:30

Take into account that time is also a gaming factor and a restriction!! We have some shorter games and some longer games. Do not train only on the knowledge of rules and strategy, but also on gaming speed. Know where you can speed up and where you might need some time to think. If your table is lagging, know that you will play with increased time pressure in the final rounds. Please note that all games are prepared in advance (so no pressing out counters or whatsoever), so you can start playing right away.


Now the playing schedule is set, please determine your player order. We would like to receive the names for player A, B, C and D ultimately Saturday October 21st.

Player A:__________ (1st in Great Western Trail, 4th in First Class, 3rd in Honshu, 2nd in Lorenzo)

Player B:__________ (2nd in Great Western Trail, 1st in First Class, 4th in Honshu, 3rd in Lorenzo)

Player C:__________ (3rd in Great Western Trail, 2nd in First Class, 1st in Honshu, 4th in Lorenzo)

Player D:__________ (4th in Great Western Trail, 3rd in First Class, 2nd in Honshu, 1st in Lorenzo)


First Class

  • At the tournament, modules A+B will be played.
  • The number of wagon cards is unlimited. In the rare case that 0-wagons run short if you want to place a 0-wagon, remove another 0-wagon in the middle of your train to the new position and leave the empty spot open. As soon as a new 0-wagon becomes available, refill the empty spot. Return upgraded wagons (e.g. a 1-wagon by a 2-wagon) to the general supply.
  • If you are activating card(s), you have to complete them card by card. You are allowed to partially carry out actions on a card and you may carry out actions of a card in any order. You are allowed to perform coin actions between different cards, not during the actions of one card. If you have doubled a route bonus by means of a postcard, this is treated as two different cards, and you are allowed to spend coins in between.



  • At the tournament, the basic setup will be played: A-side of starting province cards (distribute randomly) and no end-of-game scoring card.
  • When selecting a card, it is not allowed to try different possibilities. Once a card is taken, you can’t switch to another card.
  • Resources are limited. If the common pool is empty, resources will be assigned in player order.


Great Western Trail

  • At the tournament, the basic setup will be played: neutral building tiles are placed onto the space marked with its matching letter and A-side of private building tiles.
  • You have to move your engine at least one space before upgrading the train station.
  • You are allowed to forfeit a reward, except a dollar reward. For example if you discard a Guernsey cattle at neutral building A, you have to take the 2 dollar reward. And, if you play an objective card with a 2 dollar award, you have to take it.
  • You have to perform at least one action. For example, you are not allowed to skip the single auxiliary action when you end your phase A (B correction on previous publication) on another player’s building.
  • In case of a double auxiliary action, you need to decide first if you would like to use it as a double or single auxiliary action. For example, draw 1 card and then discard 1 card OR draw 2 cards (simultaneously) and then discard 2 cards. You are not allowed to draw one card, check it and then decide if you would like to draw another card.


Lorenzo il Magnifico

  • At the tournament, the advanced rules with different personal bonus tiles and leader cards will be played.
  • Order of personal tiles and leader cards: select excommunication tiles -> select personal tile -> select leader cards -> fill towers
  • Your game at the tournament will contain an envelope per player with 4 leader cards, this way each table with has the exact same starting situation. These 4 cards are considered as your initial set of leader cards (instead of each player receiving 4 random leader cards). From this set, you select 1 card and pass the other three to your player on the right, etc. We expect that you know the abilities of the individual leader cards and that you are able to pick one quickly. Remember we do have a tight schedule and don’t want to lose too much time in selecting leader cards
  • If you select a card with immediate effect bonus to take another card, you need to pay 3 coins if you take a card in a tower that is already occupied.
  • The number of development cards is limited to six per type, this includes the character and venture cards.
  • You are not allowed to place your family member on a specific area in a tower if you are not able to or willing to take the corresponding card (and only receive the bonus on the third or fourth level).
  • Excommunication tiles that reduce income (coins, military, servant or wood/stone)
    • If you place your family member in the council palace and decide to take coins as a privilege, you will lose only one coin, as the bonus in the council palace is considered as one bonus (for excommunication tile that reduces coins).
    • If you take a card which is on the third or fourth level in a tower, the excommunication tile effects both the level bonus and the immediate card bonus, as these are considered as two separate bonuses.
    • If you harvest or produce, the excommunication tile effects each individual card, and you lose income on each card.
    • The reductions apply to leader cards as well.
    • Wood/stone reduces 1 wood or 1 stone, not both.
  • There are two different versions of Leader cards. Based on the recent discussion on boardgamegeek, we respect the designer’s statement regarding leader cards Francesco Sforza and Leonardo Da Vinci. As a consequence, the action value of both leaders can only be increased by servants, and NOT by specific development cards (Farmer, Peasant, Artisan, Scholar).
    In the meantime, an authorized English translation of the leader cards is made available. See top of this page where the link is to download it.
  • You are allowed to use the bonus on the third or fourth level to pay for the corresponding card.
  • If you take a card with more immediate bonuses, you are allowed to use one immediate bonus to pay for another. For example when taking the ambassador card, you may use the scroll to pay for the second bonus “take another card”.